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Make Money from Domain Name Flipping

To make money from ‘Domain Name Flipping’ one needs a bit of luck, a good strategy and some business acumen. With these attributes ‘Domain Name Flipping’ can be a most lucrative to earn a living to be online. In many ways it is no different to buying an old car or an old house ‘doing them up’ and then selling them for a profit.

The key is to identify good ‘donor’ sites to ‘do up’. What one is looking for is neglected or badly maintained websites but with catchy or recognisable names; industry specific names rather than company specific (unless you plan to buy the whole company of course). If the site is currently being neglected or underutilised the chances are that the owner will jump at the chance of selling it. One of these sorts of sites can be picked up for a song. With a professional looking face life a good-looking user-friendly website could be an attractive proposition to someone in the relevant industry. A small outlay of a few hundred pounds can quickly be turned into several thousands of pounds. Go for it!