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Franchise Direct releases results of prospective franchising survey

UK Prospective Franchising Survey 2013

UK Prospective Franchising Survey 2013

Franchise Direct – the UK's largest online franchise directory – recently completed its UK Prospective Franchising Survey in which it requested responses from site visitors on a range of topics pertaining to franchising.

The survey was used to gauge the opinions, experience, aspirations and demographics of the prospective franchisees that frequent our site. To this end, participants were asked a range of questions spanning five categories: Professional Background & Research Done, Financing, Support, Franchises Interested In and Demographics.

Topics examined by the survey included what franchise industries most appealed to prospective franchisees, how they intended to fund their franchise, do they have management experience and have they ever attended a franchise trade show or expo.

The survey furnished some fascinating results. For instance, 80.1% of respondents had past management experience and the drive to be their own boss was their main incentive to take up franchising (confirmed by 53.3% of respondents). Furthermore, 50.4% of respondents are currently employed by another organisation while 30.8% are self-employed and 18.8% unemployed.

The 2012 survey seeks to update and build upon its 2011 counterpart, in which we tried to gain information from our site visitors about a range of subjects including their background, financing plans and franchise industries of choice.

A full introduction to the Franchise Survey ( is available here.