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Parcel2Go launches ultimate guide to online selling

A definitive guide to online selling has been launched by Parcel2Go in a bid to make it easier than ever for individuals to make some extra cash through the internet.

The recession has made people much more creative when it comes to making extra money and online marketplaces are unsurprisingly where the majority of people turn to. Unfortunately there are some common pitfalls but thanks to Parcel2Go's new comprehensive guide, first-time sellers should be able to start posting items with confidence in no time at all.

The guide looks at the differences between some of the biggest online marketplaces including Amazon, eBay and Etsy, how to correspond with customers, the best ways to promote items using SEO and how to increase interest in listings.   

Many people selling online for the first time struggle with pricing and that's also covered by Parcel2Go's online selling guide. Setting postage rates and finding reliable couriers is a huge part of the process too, and there's a whole section on what to do once an item has actually been sold.

"There are plenty of opportunities out there for people who want to start selling online," said Richard Mercer, marketing director at Parcel2Go. "It's simply a case of getting on with it and hopefully our new guide will give more people the confidence to do just that."

Parcel2Go couriers are used by a huge number of online sellers and a range of suitable services are available through the Bolton-based company's site, such as next day delivery by Parcel2Go. com. Visit the Parcel2Go blog to view the guide and find out more about how to get started in the world of online selling.