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Achieve Prosperity claimed in Network Marketing Home Based Business

Earning money with the help of a network marketing home based business is common nowadays, but only relatively few people achieve success in this area.

Most home based business marketing aspirants do not have the proper knowledge in network marketing and empowering principles.

A network marketing training group, called Prosperity Team, offers a prosperity formula by which a person can achieve success in any network marketing home based business.

The video that is accessed from the website states that prosperity does not come by luck as there is a scientific technique behind it. Prosperity Team training is provided free to members of Empower Network, a personal development company which also has a network and affiliate marketing program, via this website.

The Prosperity Team works within the Empower Network and helps the average person through personal development, and coaching from leaders in the industry, to earn money through online marketing. There is a $25 per month basic level membership fee for the Empower Network.

This fee includes a basic membership, website hosting, a personal blog, support, and optional access to additional ongoing live Prosperity Team training.Some of the success principles that are taught include the 3 C’s related to online home based business marketing, which include Create Traffic, Capture Leads, and Convert Sales.

A number of community support and training tutorials are provided to basic level members through the Prosperity Team training.Apart from that, an automated system for network marketing home based business will enable the users to get started at the lowest possible price.

By registering as a member, viewers will get to know more formulas for prosperity. Additional monthly fees apply for the optional automated system, which includes the affiliate program (to resell products), merchant account (to get paid), and autoresponder (to automatically follow up with customers).

According to the Prosperity Team’s website, “We are focused on helping the average person, regardless of their experience level, to have success with Empower Network and live their dream lifestyle. The core focus of our team is teaching you the daily tasks required to have success.”

Bonus services offered include Mike Hobbs’ mastermind webinar, private Facebook support for 24*7, pre-written emails, auto responders, network member teams, videos of professional team overview, live training hangouts, customized team sales page, marketing related downloadable files, VIP invitations, videos related to free advertising and traffic training, group mentorship access, and specialized training for higher lever members.

In addition, Facebook, SEO, Craigslist, Blogging, and Paid Advertising training are provided by Prosperity Team training. Leaders will conduct weekly live webinar training programs in order to teach new strategies for gaining success, both personally and financially, from network marketing home based business.

Members of Empower Network can also join their affiliate program for an additional $19.95 per month to plug into their automated system, and the rights to resell products ranging from $25 up to $3,500 while earning 100% commissions on each sale!

The Prosperity formula works with people to help them reach the kind of prosperity they choose. People can get started with online marketing with the help of the Prosperity Team and Empower Network to achieve the kind of monthly income others only dream about. (See Income Disclaimer below)

Some customers of this formula says, “This really works, I have earned thousands of dollars and it gave me the opportunity to transform my home.”

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