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Online Entrepreneur Tips Launches New E-Course

Online Entrepreneur Tips, an online resource site for the latest internet marketing trends and strategies, has recently launched a new e-course entitled, “Make Money Online Using Wordpress”.

Interested individuals will receive four weeks' worth of instructions on how to set up their very own business online.

The e-course has 12 modules of instruction with homework that discuss pertinent information on starting up an online business.

Those who will sign up will learn how to create the right information product, choose the correct niche market for their business venture, know the steps to building an effective website, and write the perfect content that will engage the target audience.

The subjects that would be tackled, in order, would be (1) Business Model and Planning, (2) Choosing a Niche, (3) Domain Name Registration, (4) Building your Site with Wordpress, (5) Content Creation, and more. The e-course works by sending eager learners three lessons per week, which would go on for four weeks.

The e-course is easy to understand, with simple and clear explanations that will teach you the key principles and fool-proof strategies in internet marketing.

Upon visiting the site, interested individuals would be redirected to the overview page, where sample videos and bonuses await them. The price for the 30-day package is $97, which is reasonable enough considering what awaits those who sign up upon completion of the course.

Known for providing and sharing valuable information to help other people start an online business, Online Entrepreneur Tips aims to continue helping more through this new e-course. Its goal is to help individuals to create their own cash generating income stream.
The company aims to reach individuals who do not want to get stuck in an 8-5 job and get paid only once or twice a month. With an internet business, people have the chance to get residual income, earning multiple times over just by putting in some effort at their own pace.

To learn more about how you can start an internet business using Wordpress, visit today.

About the Company

Online Entrepreneur Tips is the brainchild of author Eunice Robson. She owns an array of online properties in various niches, with information marketing as her primary business model. Her goal with this company is to help others like herself who are looking for legitimate and surefire ways of profiting from the Internet.