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Creative Franchise Group Launches Program To Assist Displaced Executives

Creative Franchise Group and Steve Picarillo announce the launch of a new program designed to assist displaced executive realize their dream of owning a business. After successful careers, many executives are finding themselves the victim of corporate downsizing and as a result they are looking for new jobs. With significant experience, the executive faces the battle of finding the right job that suits their experience and fulfills their monetary goals unfortunately, in this economic environment, high paid jobs are few and far apart.

Given the importance of networking, the executive calls and emails everyone they know, asking for help and contacts. Although the friends and colleagues have good intentions, with the unemployment rate over hovering between 7% and 8%, neither bears fruit. Creative Franchise Group (CFG), the franchise consultants of Creative Advisory Group, Inc, (CAG) has launched the 'Executive Campaign' to provide an additional resource to those seeking to replace an executive-level job.

“The demand for franchise ownership typically increases in times of high unemployment,” said Steve Picarillo, president of CAG. “We are a valuable resource for anyone who is looking for a business because we are specialists in matching people interested in business ownership to franchise opportunities.” The company’s logo is 2 matching puzzle pieces, which can be found are “Creative Franchise works with over 450 franchises and has the tools to narrow in on a franchise business that best match the franchisee candidate’s requirements,” added Mr. Picarillo

Seeking a business opportunity is a long and confusing journey. That’s where CFG’s free consulting services come in. The franchise consultant can save hours and hours of the executive’s time. The consultants work with the executive throughout the entire process, from the initial information gathering stage through the signing of the franchise contract.

“Our goal is to make the negative event of losing a job a positive, as it may be the perfect time for a change” continued Mr. Picarillo. “I am a believer that everything happens for a reason, often the loss of a job provides the push that initiates the franchise search,” Steve concluded.

As part of the ‘Executive campaign’, the Creative Group will reach out to recruiters, job boards, and other job search professionals to educate them about the free services, so that they can inform their clients. Secondly, over the next few weeks, Steve Picarillo, CFG and CAG will host a series of webinars to discuss topics such as the executive job search this environment, branding, and franchise ownership. Dates of these webinars will be posted on in the Blog section and will be shared via email. To opt in to the mailing list, send your contact information to

Steve Picarillo is an internationally recognized financial executive, corporate analyst and author. Steve has spent most of his career on “Wall Street” as a lead analyst covering the world’s largest financial institutions. Mr. Picarillo’s rapidly expanding global consulting business Creative Advisory Group, Inc. focuses on helping individuals and companies achieve their financial and business goals. Steve is a franchise consultant, branding expert, motivational speaker, cost savings expert and an expert on the global economic environment.